FWCH Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do I make a purchase?

Answer: You must create an account (online) with a username and password.

Question: What happens when I create an account?

Answer: When you create an account you will see on the left side menu bar: Book a class, Buy Classes, My Reservations, My Purchase, My Credits, My Workout Stats, My Challenges, My Profile.

Question: Why do I have to create a username and password? 

Answer: When you create a username and password it will sync with that respective bike booked. This feature tracks your ride: distance, RPM, power, etc. This will also show your progress and success @ the FW Cycle House over time. 

Question: What are Non-Cycle classes?

Answer: Non-Cycle classes are scheduled group exercise classes that are NOT in the Cycle room. There are 2 studio rooms @ the Cycle House and one is for group exercise NON-Cycle. We plan to host a variety of different group exercise classes: Piloxing, Barre, Sculpt, Pilates, Yoga, etc. 

Question: Will you be running specials? 

Answer: Yes, we will be running random promotions around Black Friday and various other special occasions. 

Question: Can I share my membership with a member of my household (husband, kids, etc)? 

Answer: You are NOT able to share a membership. Your account will be linked to your rides, your progress, your distances,  etc. On other hand, if you purchase a 10 pack package, we are able to divide those passes amongst members in your home. 

Question: What happens if I cannot make class and have to cancel?

Answer: You can cancel a class up to 4 hours before the class starts and NOT lose the credit. We do have a $9 fee for cancellations within the 4 hour windows and/or no shows.  With 16 bikes and less spots in the non cycle studio, we have to manage cancellations closely. We have a waitlist feature through our reservation booking system and HIGHLY encourage customers to enroll in a class waitlist if it is full.  When customers are waitlisted and another customer 'no shows' this impacts the experience of more than one. 

Question: Can I be put on a waitlist should a class be at capacity?

Answer: Again, if classes are full there will be an option to be put on a waitlist. We recommend using the waitlist feature as things come up and people do cancel! 

Question: What does NO EXPIRATION MEAN?

Answer: No expiration means the package passes do NOT expire.

For more questions please contact us via our website email or email: Eric@fwcyclehouse.com